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Definition of embroider:

  1. To ornament with needlework; as, to embroider a scarf.


go ballistic, flip one's wig, embellish, tramp, deck, fly off the handle, puff up, have a fit, fill out, footslog, amplify, dramatize, hit the roof, stitch, braid, bedeck, blow up, puff out, inflate, adopt, slog, fancify, pad, gild, beautify, trudge, blow a fuse, magnify, pattern, dramatise, explode, aggrandize, aggrandise, flip one's lid, have kittens, enrich, enlarge, puff, ornament, garnish, weave, adorn, blow one's stack, lard, hit the ceiling, detonate, work, prettify, plod, decorate, expand, broider, throw a fit, combust, set off, falsify, lose one's temper, grace, bolster.

Usage examples: