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Definition of emergence:

  1. The act of rising out of a fluid, or coming forth from envelopment or concealment, or of rising into view; sudden uprisal or appearance.


offset, ontogeny, take, growing, withdrawal, emersion, upshot, issue, publication, development, process, issuing, loom, exit, proceeds, appendage, topic, egress, emerge, return, progeny, evolution, branch, military issue, expiry, outlet, ontogenesis, resurface, outgrowth, matter, reappear, increment, takings, offshoot, finish, closure, ending, event, government issue, increase, flash, growth, emanation, way out, conclusion, effect, end, passing, take shape, egression, outcome, offspring, yield, subject, rear its (ugly) head, consequence, completion, number, close, result, payoff, appear, maturation.

Usage examples: