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Definition of employment:

  1. That which engages or occupies; that which consumes time or attention; office or post of business; service; as, agricultural employments; mechanical employments; public employments; in the employment of government.
  2. The act of employing or using; also, the state of being employed.


interlocking, utilization, booking, participation, physical exertion, work, drill, mesh, racket, employ, habit, workplace, example, date, engagement, use of goods and services, purpose, implementation, craft, usance, involution, handicraft, retaining, action, practice session, custom, duty, economic consumption, traffic, enjoyment, line, meshing, consumption, battle, hiring, betrothal, art, recitation, use, body of work, exercise, troth, engaging, oeuvre, using, manipulation, piece of work, avocation, pursuit, study, usage, workout, trading, fight, conflict, occupying, appointment, used, hire, utilisation, get, role, exercising, physical exercise, play, involvement.

Usage examples: