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Definition of enactment:

  1. That which is enacted or passed into a law; a law; a decree; a statute; a prescribed requirement; as, a prohibitory enactment; a social enactment.
  2. The passing of a bill into a law; the giving of legislative sanction and executive approval to a bill whereby it is established as a law.


impersonation, characterization, passageway, transit, order, command, human action, musical passage, economy, portrayal, turn, commandment, depicting, depiction, passage, portrait, regulation, edict, mandate, number, passing, bill, delineation, principle, routine, jurisprudence, act, statute, word-painting, handing over, bit, decree, transition, polity, personation, rule, word picture, legislation, assize, formula, deed, characterisation, law, ordinance, picture, portraying, portraiture, measure, code, human activity, lex, canon.

Usage examples: