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Definition of enchant:

  1. To charm by sorcery; to act on by enchantment; to get control of by magical words and rites.
  2. To delight in a high degree; to charm; to enrapture; as, music enchants the ear.


enjoy, revel, take hold of, tickle, channelise, charm, juggle, hoodwink, cheer, dishonor, appropriate, grip, jinx, enamour, please, trance, ravish, assault, mesmerise, bewitch, ship, enthral, grab, voodoo, spellbind, delight, influence, see, tempt, dishonour, transfix, becharm, take in, watch, enthrall, enrapture, captivate, carry, catch, arrest, overtake, pleasure, send, hex, gratify, pick up, beguile, outrage, view, glamour, happy, hypnotize, channel, entrance, hitch, conquer, rape, persuasion, magnetise, spell, like, violate, overhear, gladden, enamor, transfer, witch, transmit, joy, get, seize, overjoy, catch up with, mesmerize, intrigue, fascinate, channelize, transport, trip up, capture.

Usage examples: