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Definition of encourage:

  1. To give courage to; to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope; to raise, or to increase, the confidence of; to animate; enhearten; to incite; to help forward; - the opposite of discourage.


raise, fortify, gain ground, exhort, go on, brace, lubricate, supercharge, urge on, lead on, move on, buoy up, throw out, nourish, get along, kick upstairs, incubate, revitalize, allow, elate, spur, hike up, approve, second, egg on, inspirit, gain, advance, pass on, march on, buck up, revivify, stir, buoy, arouse, bear up, put through, back, praise, let, sway, dispirit, incite, embolden, excite, side with, progress, chirk, restore, favor, dissuade, win, come along, succor, befriend, open up, prevail on, applaud, come on, elevate, promote, egg, permit, sanction, impassion, shape up, strengthen, rev, help along, cheer up, get someone's hopes up/build someone's hopes (up)/raise someone's hopes, qualify, steel, boost, depress, uplift, exhilarate, hike, reassure, build up someone's hopes, make headway, spark, reinforce, advertise, bolster, restrain, rally, further, get ahead, feed, press, set ahead, raise (someone's) hopes/expectations, carry, forward, animate, back up, refresh, bring forward, subscribe to, nerve, perk up, advertize, convince, uphold, get on, upgrade, pique, countenance, nurse, nurture, smile on, pull ahead, discourage, cultivate, persuade.

Usage examples: