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Definition of endanger:

  1. To incur the hazard of; to risk.
  2. To put to hazard; to bring into danger or peril; to expose to loss or injury; as, to endanger life or peace.


let on, lie in wait, stake, ambush, waylay, disclose, foil, leave in the middle, thwart, imperil, adventure, expose to hazard, put on the spot, fish in troubled waters, subject to loss, put in jeopardy, cross, leave unprotected, bilk, debunk, bring out, leave defenseless, bushwhack, lay open, let out, hazard, discover, venture, spoil, be careless with, put at risk, unwrap, display, peril, threaten, compromise, ambuscade, exhibit, expose to danger, expose to peril, scupper, baffle, reveal, uncover, give away, safety, queer, jeopardise, put in danger, make liable to danger, frustrate, divulge, expose, scotch, jeopardize, break, lurk, menace.

Usage examples: