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Definition of endless:

  1. Infinite; excessive; unlimited.
  2. Void of design; objectless; as, an endless pursuit.
  3. Without end; having no end or conclusion; perpetual; interminable; - applied to length, and to duration; as, an endless line; endless time; endless bliss; endless praise; endless clamor.
  4. Without profitable end; fruitless; unsatisfying.


continual, eonian, unfading, continuous, unfailing, eterne, limited, deathless, ongoing, continue, without end, relentless, world without end, unsurpassable, interminable, ever-living, finite, around-the-clock, round-the-clock, aeonian, imperishable, long, dateless, multitudinous, fixed, eternal, infinite, fadeless, sempiternal, never-failing, never-ending, perpetual, amaranthine, untold, uninterrupted, ageless, incessant, measureless, undated.

Usage examples: