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Definition of endorse:

  1. A subordinary, resembling the pale, but of one fourth its width ( according to some writers, one eighth).
  2. Same as Indorse.


sign away, bet on, plump for, concede, get behind, manifest, superscribe, recognize, plunk or plonk, back, digest, abide, patronage, inscribe, market, brook, law, witness, censure, substantiate, advocate, sign on the dotted line, show, speak up for, plunk for, fend for, stomach, undersign, stand up for, plump, condemn, OK, back up, launch, punt, hype, sign, initial, establish, stand by, place, bear, gage, prove, signature, countersign, bear out, keep going, uphold, disclose, hold up, champion, demonstrate, endure, indorse, tolerate, plug, evidence, bill as, defend, sign on, suffer, stand behind, patronize, make over, underpin, support, align, certify, stake, game, grant, side with, sponsor, subscribe, second, put up, advertise, ally, autograph, John Hancock, agree with, pitch, avow, licence, license, own, promote, sympathize, hold, mail out, stick out, notarize, legalize, guarantee, patronise, confess, stand.

Usage examples: