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Definition of engagement:

  1. An action; a fight; a battle.
  2. That which engages; engrossing occupation; employment of the attention; obligation by pledge, promise, or contract; an enterprise embarked in; as, his engagements prevented his acceptance of any office.
  3. The act of engaging, pledging, enlisting, occupying, or entering into contest.
  4. The state of being engaged, pledged or occupied; specif., a pledge to take some one as husband or wife.
  5. The state of being in gear; as, one part of a clutch is brought into engagement with the other part.


interest, assembly, conclave, involution, interference, affaire, espousal, entry, part, caucus, audioconferencing, engage, mesh topology, liaison, participation, betrothed, marriage, match, exponentiation, performing arts, go, hire, use, particular date, appointee, best man, burn up, mesh, conflict, solemn word, incursion, audience, appoint, bridal, bachelorette party, skirmish, escort, word of honor, fire, troth, fight, naming, word, bridal shower, colloquium, utilisation, warrant, annual meeting, bridal party, assault, battle, involvement, meshwork, exclusion, employment, net, rendezvous, cycle, meshing, briefing, competitiveness, interlocking, tryst, recruit, difference, stake, agree, employ, duty, scrap, gig, fighting, intervention, sign on, affair, elaboration, bachelor party, difference of opinion, bout, date, elaborateness, pitched battle, intricacy, bride, banns, interlock, assignation, retain, passage of arms, backfire, grind, get, sign, betrothal, idle, designation, work, plight, meeting, strife, utilization, confirm, intrusion, fitting, AGM, appointment, amour, intimacy, usage, assignment, cut out, booking, mission, day of the month, enfolding, network, take on, exercise, guaranty, flood.

Usage examples: