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Definition of engaging:

  1. of Encage
  2. of Engage
  3. Tending to draw the attention or affections; attractive; as, engaging manners or address.


intriguing, elfin, dashing, consuming, piquant, telegenic, engrossing, kind, gripping, like, riveting, fascinating, lovely, luring, prepossessing, bewitching, seductive, attractive, lovable, benignant, elegant, zesty, alluring, harming, good-natured, sweet, salty, charismatic, personable, charismatic, winsome, enchanting, absorbing, winning, glamorous, savory, loving, fetching, magnetic, tempting, pleasant, pleasing, spicy, agreeable, immersing, entrancing, enthralling, pretty, gentle, taking, captivating, arresting, involving, enticing, amiable, savoury.

Usage examples: