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Definition of engender:

  1. One who, or that which, engenders.
  2. To assume form; to come into existence; to be caused or produced.
  3. To cause to exist; to bring forth; to produce; to sow the seeds of; as, angry words engender strife.
  4. To come together; to meet, as in sexual embrace.
  5. To produce by the union of the sexes; to beget.


do, get under one's skin, come, hatch, obtain, arise, bugger off, appear, beat, vex, return, begin, set in, render, amaze, spring, aim, catalyze, beget, materialize, father, break, develop, commence, bring forth, set about, invoke, capture, draw, fetch, overprotect, prompt, have, get, puzzle, multiply, bring on, stick, ignite, baffle, contract, sire, stupefy, incur, experience, pay off, let, mystify, go, arouse, receive, spawn, bewilder, generate, buzz off, gravel, pay back, form, sustain, scram, stimulate, mother, flummox, pose, yield, fuss, get down, occasion, find, fix, awaken, work, become, nonplus, start out, rouse, cover, effectuate, bring, perplex, result, incite, convey, grow, dumbfound, give, catch, take, actualize, touch, affect, translate, arrest, acquire, breed, draw on, arrive, start, parent, suffer, dawn, set out.

Usage examples: