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Definition of engineer:

  1. A person skilled in the principles and practice of any branch of engineering. See under Engineering, n.
  2. One who carries through an enterprise by skillful or artful contrivance; an efficient manager.
  3. One who manages as engine, particularly a steam engine; an engine driver.
  4. To lay out or construct, as an engineer; to perform the work of an engineer on; as, to engineer a road.
  5. To use contrivance and effort for; to guide the course of; to manage; as, to engineer a bill through Congress.


designer, manoeuvre, lead, railroad, calculate, system operator, inventor, draftsman, machinate, company, think ahead, streamline, carpenter, channelise, fix, technician, gasman, direct, starchitect, draw up, captain, mastermind, crew, network administrator, bosun, devise, farrier, developer, motorman, linesman, place, bookbinder, invent, coordinate, driver, hacker, creator, structural engineer, reengineer, graphic designer, worm, organise, take aim, planner, point, fireman, cooper, take, mechanical engineer, crewman, interior designer, manoeuver, originator, address, get, personalize, finesse, design, prepare, unionize, builder, author, pioneer, boatman, buccaneer, systems analyst, personalise, individualize, cap'n, guide, organize, target, unionise, creative commons, channelize, architect, railroad engineer, cobbler, conduct, sysop, dream up, conductor, porter, visionary, progenitor, steer, orchestrate, cabinet-maker, electrician, lineman, signalman, map out, form, send, arrange, wangle, get up, docker, inspector, engine driver, applied scientist, head, technologist, maneuver, locomotive engineer, plan, stationmaster, guard, programmer, glassblower, science, boatswain, civil engineer, aim, electronics, finalize, keyboarder, finagle, beta site, surveyor, train.

Usage examples: