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Definition of enhance:

  1. To advance; to augment; to increase; to heighten; to make more costly or attractive; as, to enhance the price of commodities; to enhance beauty or kindness; hence, also, to render more heinous; to aggravate; as, to enhance crime.
  2. To be raised up; to grow larger; as, a debt enhances rapidly by compound interest.
  3. To raise or lift up; to exalt.


parent, get up, elevate, prove, conjure up, conjure, build up, promote, increase, agree, evoke, fire, erect, dress up, set up, decorate, upraise, amend, beef, puff, perfect, ameliorate, step up, arouse, rise, aggravate, stir, kindle, deepen, consolidate, boost, bring up, redouble, flatter, sharpen, recruit, nurture, lift, intensify, publicize, enkindle, farm, ballyhoo, put forward, ornament, make over, gussy up, strengthen, kick upstairs, talk up, leaven, beautiful, beautify, become, levy, raise, compound, knowledge, amp, put up, set off, call down, elicit, invoke, candy, plug, adorn, help, transform, produce, amplify, provoke, hype, tout, grow, grace, suit, rear, illuminate, accentuate, resurrect, meliorate, call forth, heighten.

Usage examples: