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Definition of enjoyment:

  1. That which gives pleasure or keen satisfaction.
  2. The condition of enjoying anything; pleasure or satisfaction, as in the possession or occupancy of anything; possession and use; as, the enjoyment of an estate.


usance, blast, entrance, content, sensuality, manipulation, concession, triumph, role, escapism, purpose, usage, recreation, diversion, having, utilization, merriment, use, indulgence, entry, frolic, employment, change, pastime, benefit, economic consumption, joie de vivre, right, using, control, public interest, luxury, contentedness, enthusiasm, function, habit, keeping, priority, crowd pleaser, permission, binge, delectation, hands, appreciation, pain, happy, fun, access, sport, self-indulgence, wonder, utilisation, like, possession, abstinence, use of goods and services, occupation, anticipation, kick, activity, consumption, exercise, voice, refusal, rejoicing, excitement, voluptuousness.

Usage examples: