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Definition of enkindle:

  1. To excite; to rouse into action; to incite.
  2. To set on fire; to inflame; to kindle.


force out, open fire, excite, extract, call down, farm, stir up, produce, conjure, turn on, bring up, elevate, levy, energize, fuel, chevvy, rear, take fire, paint a picture, sack, provoke, erupt, fire up, torch, evoke, displace, put up, harry, send away, energise, lift, chivy, come alive, wind up, plague, suggest, conjure up, discharge, sex, give the axe, draw out, fire, hot, brace, start, raise, promote, go off, beset, inspire, molest, get up, put forward, leaven, awake, enhance, prove, inflame, dismiss, invoke, animate, upgrade, give notice, hassle, combust, perk up, chivvy, educe, arouse, rouse, resurrect, catch fire, ignite, advance, chevy, parent, nurture, can, stir, awaken, kick upstairs, erect, grow, recruit, upraise, wake up, terminate, burn down, stimulate, kick up, give the sack, set up, impassion, call forth, harass, conflagrate, heat, incite, wake, heighten, waken, burn, light, elicit, kindle.

Usage examples: