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Definition of enslave:

  1. To reduce to slavery; to make a slave of; to subject to a dominant influence.


capture, enfranchise, yoke, slave trade, tie down, infringe, circumscribe, put in irons, abolitionist, imprison, chain, suppress, oppress, fetter, bend to the yoke, disfranchise, check, dominate, limit, make a slave of, hobble, pen in, hamper, coerce, control, tie, free, subdue, reduce to slavery, tether, servitude, hold, clap in irons, restrict, secure, hold in bondage, take captive, slave, enchain, bondage, immure, freeborn, fence in, indenture, restrain, compel, slavery, hold under, bend to the plow, shackle, confine, slaver, incarcerate.

Usage examples: