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Definition of entail:

  1. An estate in fee entailed, or limited in descent to a particular class of issue.
  2. Delicately carved ornamental work; intaglio.
  3. That which is entailed.
  4. The rule by which the descent is fixed.
  5. To appoint hereditary possessor.
  6. To cut or carve in a ornamental way.
  7. To settle or fix inalienably on a person or thing, or on a person and his descendants or a certain line of descendants; - said especially of an estate; to bestow as an heritage.


implicate, think, embrace, beneficiary, come down to, add up to, number, be descended from, think of, claimant, necessitate, result, inculpate, bequeath, comprehend, signify, follow, contain, mean, birthright, involve, turn out, ask, require, fee-tail, call for, come into, ensue, flow from, subsume, necessitate, imply, over, necessary, connote, start, carry, demand, culminate in, come out of, take, encompass, end in, stand for, take in, have in mind, incriminate, require, cut off, come to, grow out of, intend, bequest, cause.

Usage examples: