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Definition of entree:

  1. A coming in, or entrance; hence, freedom of access; permission or right to enter; as, to have the entree of a house.
  2. In French usage, a dish served at the beginning of dinner to give zest to the appetite; in English usage, a side dish, served with a joint, or between the courses, as a cutlet, scalloped oysters, etc.


introduction, entranceway, food, access, addition, dish, unveiling, assenting, accession, entering, entry, delicatessen, vegetable, admission charge, price of admission, salad, entrance money, first appearance, main course, entrance fee, entryway, debut, ledger entry, rise to power, savory, ingress, submission, incoming, admission price, accounting entry, tidbit, in, side dish, launching, access code, admission, entrance, admission fee, approach, memory access, appetizer, admittance.

Usage examples: