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Definition of enunciate:

  1. To make a formal statement of; to announce; to proclaim; to declare, as a truth.
  2. To make distinctly audible; to utter articulately; to pronounce; as, to enunciate a word distinctly.
  3. To utter words or syllables articulately.


communicate, proclaim, declare, allege, read, say, advertise, order, joint, report, vocalize, sound, circulate, notify, give out, articulate, tell, sound out, phrase, affirm, vocalise, pronounce, give voice, suppose, make known, spread abroad, vowelise, promulgate, reveal, propound, herald, aver, formulate, vowelize, word, words, enounce, modulate, enjoin, check out, give notice, feel out, announce, express, deliver, publish, phonate, judge, label, state.

Usage examples: