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Definition of envious:

  1. Excessively careful; cautious.
  2. Feeling or exhibiting envy; actuated or directed by, or proceeding from, envy; -- said of a person, disposition, feeling, act, etc.; jealously pained by the excellence or good fortune of another; maliciously grudging; -- followed by of, at, and against; as, an envious man, disposition, attack; envious tongues.
  3. Inspiring envy.
  4. Malignant; mischievous; spiteful.


suspicious, invidious, avaricious, overjealous, jaundiced, jealous, watchful, covetous, generous, green, gracious, prehensile, selfish, begrudging, grabby, aspiring, distrustful, craving, desiring, hankering, charitable, desirous, wishful, grasping, grudging, desire.

Usage examples: