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Definition of epicurean:

  1. A follower or Epicurus.
  2. Given to luxury; adapted to luxurious tastes; luxurious; pertaining to good eating.
  3. One given to epicurean indulgence.
  4. Pertaining to Epicurus, or following his philosophy.


luxuriant, indulgence, sumptuous, voluptuary, sonsy, curvy, luscious, riotous, gilded, weakness, decadence, deluxe, full-bosomed, gastronomist, overindulge, epicure, hedonistic, gourmand, red-hot, sonsie, toothsome, sensual, foodie, hedonic, indulgent, opulent, fun-loving, sybaritic, for fun, juicy, bosomy, elaborate, voluptuous, bon vivant, self-indulgence, luxurious, extravagance, profuse, pain, grand, exuberant, buxom, princely, stacked, well-endowed, gourmet, gastronome, sensuous, curvaceous, lush, sensualistic, busty.

Usage examples: