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Definition of escalate:

Synonyms for escalate:

step to the fore, supersize, double, add, aggravate, compound, rev up, multiply, go through the roof, augment, accelerate, extend, upsurge, inflame, wax, swell, come out, proliferate, balloon, come to the fore, climb, mount, come forward, make matters/things worse, stoke, step forward, gain, aggrandize, add to, enlarge, snowball, add fuel to the fire/flames, hype, build up, do more harm than good, exacerbate, accumulate, pump up, expand, grow, complicate, appreciate, intensify, go up, spread, worsen, burgeon, beef up, soar, run up, roll up, mushroom, amplify, step-up, boost, boom, up, build.

Usage examples: