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Definition of establish:

  1. To appoint or constitute for permanence, as officers, laws, regulations, etc.; to enact; to ordain.
  2. To make stable or firm; to fix immovably or firmly; to set ( a thing) in a place and make it stable there; to settle; to confirm.
  3. To originate and secure the permanent existence of; to found; to institute; to create and regulate; - said of a colony, a state, or other institutions.
  4. To secure public recognition in favor of; to prove and cause to be accepted as true; as, to establish a fact, usage, principle, opinion, doctrine, etc.
  5. To set up in business; to place advantageously in a fixed condition; - used reflexively; as, he established himself in a place; the enemy established themselves in the citadel.


lay out, render, rest, gain, sanction, hand, over, ramp up, lay down, crap, ratify, secure, evidence, learn, raise, yield, pass water, micturate, induce, piss, puddle, do, lay the foundation for, pitch, predicate, ready, designate, put up, pass, fall in, rear, turn up, examine, pee-pee, uphold, relieve oneself, seduce, defecate, assemble, return, founder, be, name, have, express, found, shew, get, record, open, progress to, give way, base, ground, comprise, consecrate, institute, authorize, uproot, impart, ease up, leaven, create, plant, stimulate, cause, construct, generate, move over, test, instal, usher, hold, set in motion, kick in, install, appoint, strengthen, register, action, plunge, bear witness, produce, seat, strand, pay, constitute, throw, realise, pee, engraft, depict, undercoat, entrench, effect, bear out, erect, commit, earn, show up, essay, effectuate, arrive at, try out, cook, shit, collapse, launch, underpin, get to, sacrifice, stool, reach, take a crap, tack together, take, bring in, demo, take a shit, entrap, nominate, set up, start, work, wee-wee, build, lodge, pass on, spend a penny, live, sustain, build up, chip in, piddle, gift, endorse, politics, urinate, piece, feed, break, pretend, ca-ca, point, wee, practice, promulgate, gear up, imbed, take in, fasten, make up, picture, rig, put in, ensnare, attain, draw, tack, prime, turn over, make water, grant, progress, present, march, turn out, make, clear, devote, free-base, run aground, apply, hit, leave, anchor, unsettle, demonstrate, rise, cave in, show, read, bring, represent, afford, dedicate, originate, put together, make believe, prove, give, work up, pull in, realize, contribute, take a leak, try.

Usage examples: