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Definition of evasion:

  1. The act of eluding or avoiding, particularly the pressure of an argument, accusation, charge, or interrogation; artful means of eluding.


escape valve, turning away, escapism, default, trick, nonpayment, cop-out, shaking, outflow, dodging, imply, delay, escape cock, scheme, leakage, bypass, sidestep, get at, tergiversation, intimate, hedge, evade, nonremittal, inertia, safety valve, failure, stagnation, deception, equivocation, quibble, out, ducking, evasiveness, standstill, suspended animation, skirt, convey, parry, eschewal, eluding, leak, eschewing, dodge, obliqueness, mince (your) words, subterfuge, shunning, prevarication, relief valve, inaction.

Usage examples: