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Definition of even up:

Synonyms for even up:

invent, trot, clip, oppose, patch up, compensate, counteract, manufacture, parallel, settle, flush, set, discipline, correct, decline, represent, ramble, approximate, constitute, repair, level, indemnify, jog, correspond, pay off, cook up, countervail, cover, redress, determine, have something in common (with something), neutralize, conciliate, catch up with, even off, chasten, be, ramble on, square, chastise, slump, remunerate, counterbalance, objurgate, square up, make up, pay, castigate, match, reconcile, sort out, right, rectify, fabricate, comprise, even out, adjust, coincide, amount to, square off, accord with, recompense, even, overcompensate, bear/stand comparison (with), make.