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Definition of exceed:

  1. To be more or greater; to be paramount.
  2. To go beyond; to proceed beyond the given or supposed limit or measure of; to outgo; to surpass; -- used both in a good and a bad sense; as, one man exceeds another in bulk, stature, weight, power, skill, etc.; one offender exceeds another in villainy; his rank exceeds yours.
  3. To go too far; to pass the proper bounds or measure.


outdistance, take place, top out, happen, outrun, exit, scale, overhaul, come about, break, rank out, outshine, occur, outstrip, pinch, overtake, outdo, make an impression, slip away, fall, top off, reach, pass away, gain the ascendancy, overreach, get the best of, knock your socks off, run circles around, better, overshoot, die, fleet, eliminate, abound, overpass, get over, devolve, blow over, pass, fade, croak, authorize, overdo, trump, outvie, lead, surmount, buy the farm, outgun, break the ... barrier, hand, leave behind, give, egest, subdue, pass over, pass on, excrete, have the edge on, rise above, fall out, litter, get the better of, snuff it, beat the wind out of, distance, sink, hold aces, overtop, choke, outrival, evanesce, scoop, communicate, big, better, gain the upper hand, elapse, top, draw, go too far, go beyond, travel by, break the record, decease, overstep, get the bulge on, go by, transcend, slide by, outmatch, go along, be an inspiration to someone, outgo, glide by, excess, transgress, pop off, have the advantage, have it all over, surpass, beat to the draw, pass along, be ahead of the game, drop dead, go through, tower, infest, meet one at every turn, edge out, trespass, outrun, crown, go, return, perish, conk, overwhelm, pass by, make pass, outpace, turn over, expire, outflank, have the jump on, cash in one's chips, clear, go across, slip by, master, take your breath away, get the drop on, overcome, run, lapse, put across, guide, commend itself (to someone), put someone/something in the shade, make a favorable impression (on someone), spend, be really/quite something, outshine, stand out, legislate, authorise, give-up the ghost, hap, go on, extend, cut out, outreach, make it, have it on, pass off, go past, carry all before one, kick the bucket.

Usage examples: