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Definition of excrete:

  1. To separate and throw off; to excrete urine.


go along, do away with, urinate, annihilate, come about, fleet, pass off, give off, turn over, slip by, happen, lapse, exceed, expel, give, devolve, slip away, cash in one's chips, evanesce, elapse, glide by, relieve oneself, bowel movement, go past, defecate, go, lead, eliminate, eradicate, overhaul, fade, conk, go across, top, put across, spend, extend, transcend, die, extinguish, fall, answer a call of nature, pass along, perish, egest, snuff it, authorise, exit, run, return, go to the toilet, sweat, pass, expire, egestion, legislate, carry off, make it, give-up the ghost, drop dead, communicate, constipation, go to the bathroom, surpass, throw off waste matter, blow over, pass away, get rid of, overtake, pass on, pass by, slide by, decimate, squeeze out, croak, go through, occur, dry, overstep, kick the bucket, crap, guide, wipe out, travel by, hap, sink, rule out, choke, purge, pop off, draw, go by, authorize, take place, void, obviate, fall out, bedwetting, decease, rid of, keep, winnow out, perspire, hand, bursting, constipated, buy the farm, make pass, reach, go on.

Usage examples: