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Definition of excruciating:

  1. of Excruciate
  2. Torturing; racking.


heavy-duty, intolerable, racking, almighty, chapped, galling, profound, chronic, harsh, harrowing, hard, heavy, hardhanded, deep, painful, intensive, ghastly, murderous, torturesome, raging, fearful, explosive, agonising, grim, violent, dreadful, sorry, stiff, crippling, brutal, searing, torturing, blistering, pain, ferocious, fierce, furious, rugged, agonizing, rough, intense, keen, frightful, vicious, thorough, utter, fearsome, onerous, heartrending, burning, unspeakable, inhuman, utterly, achy, tough, hellacious, torturous, hopelessly, such as it is, vehement, afflicting, exquisite, terrible, angry, bad, sadly, downright.

Usage examples: