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Definition of excursion:

  1. A journey chiefly for recreation; a pleasure trip; a brief tour; as, an excursion into the country.
  2. A running or going out or forth; an expedition; a sally.
  3. A wandering from a subject; digression.
  4. Length of stroke, as of a piston; stroke. [ An awkward use of the word.]


expeditiousness, pleasure trip, divagation, deflection, travel, aside, field day, junket, sashay, hostile expedition, jaunt, approach, picnic, military expedition, digression, despatch, parenthesis, pilgrimage, tangent, move, chasse, excursus, deflexion, transit, outing, divergency, dispatch, deflexion, irrelevancy, divergence, diversion, expedition, deviation.

Usage examples: