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Definition of execrable:

  1. Deserving to be execrated; accursed; damnable; detestable; abominable; as, an execrable wretch.


measly, ruddy, dire, abhorrent, blamed, cheapjack, lousy, coarse, schlock, vicious, bloody, scummy, inferior, accursed, misfortunate, blessed, low-down, hapless, el cheapo, suffering, woebegone, sad, snide, low, dismal, obscene, unworthy, trashy, damn, reprehensible, vile, sordid, like, deplorable, despicable, hateful, slimy, pathetic, common, base, painful, dirty, sucky, pitiable, bargain-basement, woeful, scurvy, offensive, punk, dreadful, horrible, pitiful, repugnant, damnable, blasted, abject, crappy, cursed, wretched, low-grade, currish, curst, unspeakable, paltry, mean, cut-rate, ugly, disgraceful, abominable, crap, terrible, awful, piteous, mediocre, rotten, confounded, lamentable, junky, atrocious, odious, damned, condemnable, bum, infernal, second-rate, low-minded, poor, confounded, shoddy, worthless, distressing, nasty, dishonorable, criminal, low-rent, cheesy, rubbishy, miserable, embarrassing, contemptible, sleazy, blooming, darn, repulsive, trumpery, sorry, detestable, ignominious, gimcrack.

Usage examples: