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Definition of exemplar:

  1. A copy of a book or writing.
  2. A model, original, or pattern, to be copied or imitated; a specimen; sometimes; an ideal model or type, as that which an artist conceives.
  3. Exemplary.


instance, exemplification, nonpareil, framework, mannequin, perfection, sample, classic, ensample, warning, theoretical account, idea, byword, precedent, representative, beau ideal, acme, object lesson, paragon, modeling, illustration, mannikin, exercise, manakin, ideal, epitome, poser, simulation, example, template, patron saint, mirror, nonesuch, the personification of something, model, good example, case, role model, stereotype, type, apotheosis, eidolon, lesson, modelling, deterrent example, good, manikin, fashion model.

Usage examples: