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Definition of exert:

  1. To put force, ability, or anything of the nature of an active faculty; to put in vigorous action; to bring into active operation; as, to exert the strength of the body, limbs, faculties, or imagination; to exert the mind or the voice.
  2. To put forth, as the result or exercise of effort; to bring to bear; to do or perform.
  3. To thrust forth; to emit; to push out.


work out, cause, nip, exploit, defend, grind, draw on, keep up, asseverate, observe, compress, press, throw, drill, bring in, put out, preserve, sustain, depress, practise, crush, manage, maintain, bring to bear, rub, work, consume, uphold, hold, conserve, squeeze, flatten, scrunch, exercise, assert, do, go toward, handle, keep, wield, ply, fall back on.

Usage examples: