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Definition of exhibition:

  1. Sustenance; maintenance; allowance, esp. for meat and drink; pension. Specifically: ( Eng. Univ.) Private benefaction for the maintenance of scholars.
  2. That which is exhibited, held forth, or displayed; also, any public show; a display of works of art, or of feats of skill, or of oratorical or dramatic ability; as, an exhibition of animals; an exhibition of pictures, statues, etc.; an industrial exhibition.
  3. The act of administering a remedy.
  4. The act of exhibiting for inspection, or of holding forth to view; manifestation; display.


sight, posture, army, behavior, carnival, flaunting, schtick, conduct, exposition, parade, battle array, viewing, double feature, debut, order, arrangement, act, expo, show, array, exhibit, collection, disposition, draw, private showing, command performance, expounding, fair, line of battle, roadshow, instinct, outlook, trade show, human nature, double bill, order of battle, booking, inclination, spirit, curtain raiser.

Usage examples: