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Definition of exigency:

  1. The state of being exigent; urgent or exacting want; pressing necessity or distress; need; a case demanding immediate action, supply, or remedy; as, an unforeseen exigency.


jot, unavoidableness, tinderbox, parking brake, requirement, pass, nuisance, soupcon, emergency brake, trials and tribulations, baggage, taking into custody, speck, crunch, hand brake, over, catch, indispensableness, clutch, need, tinge, tweak, hot water, head, Dunkirk, necessary, necessity, demand, flash point, boiling point, difficulty, disturbance, distress, emergency, fate, help, essential, problem, contingency, issue, urgency, hardship, arrest, trouble, decide, indispensability, touch, juncture, mite, pinch, sine qua non, compulsion, exigence, crossroad, want, destiny, apprehension, conjuncture, requisite, burden, collar, zero hour, crunch time, fatality, extremity, breaking point, climacteric, hint.

Usage examples: