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Definition of exile:

  1. Forced separation from one's native country; expulsion from one's home by the civil authority; banishment; sometimes, voluntary separation from one's native country.
  2. Small; slender; thin; fine.
  3. The person expelled from his country by authority; also, one who separates himself from his home.
  4. To banish or expel from one's own country or home; to drive away.


expat, deportee, discharge, deliver, deport, bear, transferral, dismiss, transfer, transportation system, reward, expatriate, fugitive, emigration, shipping, fare, refugee, drive out, approach, emigrant, deportation, MiGr, conveyance, conduct, comport, expatriation, expulsion, carry, expellee, out-migration, acquit, transportation, transit, displacement, transport, accept, behave.

Usage examples: