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Definition of exit:

  1. A way of departure; passage out of a place; egress; way out.
  2. Any departure; the act of quitting the stage of action or of life; death; as, to make one's exit.
  3. He ( or she ) goes out, or retires from view; as, exit Macbeth.
  4. The departure of a player from the stage, when he has performed his part.


get off, allow, buy the farm, authorize, fall out, go across, get, authorise, allow for, give out, become flat, divergence, overtake, clog up, blow over, hand, exhalation, sack, passing play, going away, blend in, overtaking, escape, choke off, go by, military issue, live, event, passing, congest, faint, scrag, departure, return, take, dismissal, payoff, asphyxiate, electric receptacle, lead, run, back up, snuff it, exceed, issuance, wall socket, firing, start, pull, mutter, run out, hold out, work, result, expire, evanesce, sales outlet, run low, cash in one's chips, red, extend, tone ending, fret, ramp, impart, travel, qualifying, sacking, deviation, locomote, move, conk, go-out, stifle, spend, conk out, government issue, electric outlet, take place, passage, happen, deprivation, red ink, go past, endure, handout, door, effect, outlet, proceeds, farewell, electrical outlet, get around, drop dead, clog, rifle, bequeath, approach, pass, function, liberation, go through, issue, perish, pass away, draw, turn over, hole, takings, excrete, elapse, fall, expiry, button, difference, survive, kick the bucket, go bad, leave behind, pop off, cronk, stall, go away, lapse, slip away, die, transcend, make it, go, last, pass out, come about, communicate, date, put across, provide, suffocate, break down, emergence, going, gag, sound, sink, spill, leave alone, hap, bring out, offspring, throttle, pull up stakes, fleet, retail store, topic, gnarl, get out, fire escape, top, expiration, choke, plump, travel by, go along, pall, eliminate, grumble, belong, passing game, release, forget, glide by, press release, sledding, operate, fit, opening, guide, breathing out, see, reach, fail, strangle, clear, personnel casualty, become, blend, legislate, give-up the ghost, retreat, consequence, proceed, croak, slip by, mercantile establishment, overstep, pass along, slide by, go on, occur, progeny, go steady, give, get away, pull out, overhaul, passageway, freeing, decease, entrust, number, foul, run short, give way, wall plug, loss, leaving, surpass, take out, egest, hold up, upshot, way out, subject, live on, murmur, matter, waiver, spillage, fade, leave, pass off, break, go forth, acquittance, pass by, exhale, dismission, issuing, swoon, will, breathe out, get by, yield, make pass, get going, die out, publication, devolve.

Usage examples: