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Definition of expand:

  1. To become widely opened, spread apart, dilated, distended, or enlarged; as, flowers expand in the spring; metals expand by heat; the heart expands with joy.
  2. To cause the particles or parts of to spread themselves or stand apart, thus increasing bulk without addition of substance; to make to occupy more space; to dilate; to distend; to extend every way; to enlarge; -- opposed to contract; as, to expand the chest; heat expands all bodies; to expand the sphere of benevolence.
  3. To lay open by extending; to open wide; to spread out; to diffuse; as, a flower expands its leaves.
  4. To state in enlarged form; to develop; as, to expand an equation. See Expansion, 5.


nail, carry, boom, beef up, lead, lay out, embroider, clarify, go, pass, blast, enlarge, supersize, dilate, wax, din, work out, prove, bulk out, poke out, billow, permeate, overstate, strain, complicate, expound, stretch forth, fill out, dramatize, fan, hit the ceiling, unfold, exposit, blow one's stack, embellish, rise, mount, reckon, account, continue, aggrandise, compound, puff up, appreciate, up, open, set forth, scale up, thrive, flourish, expatiate, run up, hyperbolise, put across, outgrow, explain, double, add up, pervade, fatten out, spill over, rarify, book, go ballistic, flesh, extend, offer, business, wave, set off, overdraw, brokerage, string out, stretch out, hold out, refine, put out, dramatise, disperse, roll up, define, stoke, proliferate, smash, detonate, move, lard, flip one's wig, asset, draw out, blow up, upsurge, mature, pad, build, elaborate, prosper, escalate, spread out, aggrandize, assess, business plan, determine, soar, build up, exaggerate, get ahead, distribute, unroll, set out, flesh out, count, balloon, puff, illustrate, flip one's lid, gain, sprawl, lose one's temper, scatter, fan out, estimate, hyperbolize, project, have kittens, compute, labor, hit the roof, beauty parade, climb, boom out, plump, lucubrate, flare, amplify, wax and wane, calculate, plump out, cover, accumulate, capacity, accelerate, fatten up, puff out, snowball, splay, outstretch, interpret, rotate, round, reach out, protract, throw a fit, broking, exsert, run, hype, outspread, cannibalize, dissipate, brandish, fly off the handle, fat, gallop, blow a fuse, thunder, combust, run through, turn out, fly high, mushroom, have a fit, diffuse, pump up, explode.

Usage examples: