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Definition of expatiate:

  1. To enlarge in discourse or writing; to be copious in argument or discussion; to descant.
  2. To expand; to spread; to extend; to diffuse; to broaden.
  3. To range at large, or without restraint.


increase, flourish, boom, ramble, expound, plump out, fat, work out, harangue, exposit, run through, unfold, discourse, dilate, amplify, fatten, spread out, blow up, lecture, enlarge, extend, widen, illustrate, plump, declaim, interpret, flesh out, set forth, speak, fatten up, orate, inflate, set out, put across, augment, define, expand, lay out, refine, rarify, labor, complicate, round, fatten out, fill out, descant, develop, explain, clarify, lucubrate, thrive, distend, elaborate, magnify.

Usage examples: