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Definition of experiment:

  1. Atrial or special observation, made to confirm or disprove something doubtful; esp., one under conditions determined by the experimenter; an act or operation undertaken in order to discover some unknown principle or effect, or to test, establish, or illustrate some suggest or known truth; practical test; poof.
  2. Experience.
  3. To make experiment; to operate by test or trial; -- often with on, upon, or in, referring to the subject of an experiment; with, referring to the instrument; and by, referring to the means; as, to experiment upon electricity; he experimented in plowing with ponies, or by steam power.
  4. To try; to know, perceive, or prove, by trial experience.


scrutiny, change over, taste, attempt, essay, acid test, dissection, biopiracy, turn your hand to something, practice, speculation, dissect, control, empirical, double-blind, exercise, demonstration, shakedown, examine, venture, begin, branch out, strike out, beta test, pilot, field test, try out, audition, try your hand at something, measure, agreement, detect, change direction/course, break with, probation, enterprise, animal rights, experimentation, detection, undertaking, rehearsal, inspection, dummy run, sample, examination, tryout, give something a try, operation, search, anatomize, chromatography.

Usage examples: