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Definition of expiration:

  1. A coming to a close; cessation; extinction; termination; end.
  2. Emission of volatile matter; exhalation.
  3. That which is expired; matter breathed forth; that which is produced by breathing out, as a sound.
  4. The act of expiring
  5. The act or process of breathing out, or forcing air from the lungs through the nose or mouth; as, respiration consists of inspiration and expiration; - opposed to inspiration.
  6. The last emission of breath; death.


leaving, passage, red ink, point, end point, spillage, sack, halitus, issue, consequence, goal, liberation, qualifying, breathing out, sledding, curtains, red, endpoint, boundary, terminus, fate, discharge, resultant, dismissal, divergence, stop, departure, purpose, outcome, personnel casualty, waiver, passing, outlet, great divide, spill, intent, stoppage, doom, result, limit, passing play, sacking, dismission, cutoff, offset, closedown, deviation, shutoff, going, arrestment, withdrawal, achievement, overtaking, discontinuance, closure, utmost, tip, design, stay, difference, handout, exhalation, deprivation, sleep, cease, vent, release, final result, fulfilment, freeing, going away, check, acquittance, expiry, press release, exit, bound, shutdown, firing, passing game, lapse, extent, button, surcease, way out, uttermost, termination, tone ending, arrest, pass, grave, discontinuation, extremity, effect, loss, consummation.

Usage examples: