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Definition of explicit:

  1. A word formerly used ( as finis is now) at the conclusion of a book to indicate the end.
  2. Having no disguised meaning or reservation; unreserved; outspoken; - applied to persons; as, he was earnest and explicit in his statement.
  3. Not implied merely, or conveyed by implication; distinctly stated; plain in language; open to the understanding; clear; not obscure or ambiguous; express; unequivocal; as, an explicit declaration.


unadorned, univocal, declared, denotative, hardcore, lucid, plain, categorical, definitive, stated, apparent, romantic, positive, sexual, simple, make sense, intelligible, clear-cut, diaphanous, limpid, evident, vulgar, hard-core, suggestive, unambiguous, transparent, manifest, graphic, verbalized, indecent, definite, expressed, obvious, specific, animal, intimate, clear, perspicuous, obscene, sensual, amorous, denotive, uttered, express, translucent, specific, understandable, unequivocal, easy, decided, straightforward, pellucid, literal, verbalised, definite, distinct, unmistakable, frank.

Usage examples: