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Definition of exploit:

  1. A deed or act; especially, a heroic act; a deed of renown; an adventurous or noble achievement; as, the exploits of Alexander the Great.
  2. Combat; war.
  3. Hence: To draw an illegitimate profit from; to speculate on; to put upon.
  4. To utilize; to make available; to get the value or usefulness out of; as, to exploit a mine or agricultural lands; to exploit public opinion.
  5. To work beyond the strength; to cause to labor too much or too long; to tire excessively; as, to overwork a horse.


operation, straight, doing, process, experience, pink, solve, tap, nerve, work out, mould, achievement, bring, form, benefit, happening, courage, exertion, tapdance, pluck, run, make capital out of something, number, seize an opportunity/chance, cause, bravery, beg, take advantage of something, thing, gest, emprise, sweat, actuate, motion, implement, heroism, transaction, wiretap, daring, function, elbow grease, knock, go toward, turn, lick, endeavour, go, effect, effort, bug, jump at, sour, abuse, drive, use, nobility, work on, exercise, movement, escapade, act upon, utilize, trick, gallantry, consummation, operate, forge, tour de force, draw on, puzzle out, wreak, deed, presume, time, control, feat, bring in, apply, trample, try, victimize, figure out, wrong, masterstroke, do work, be rough on someone, crop, knead, make for, heroics, accomplishment, play, gain, intercept, stunt, crusade, consume, employ, get, oppress, impose, execution, mistreat, tip, persecute, influence, travail, ferment, practice, work, make, leap at the chance/opportunity/offer, mold, fall back on, bravado, overwork, put to work, prey on, rap, shape, solicit, cultivate, used, discriminate, grasp, manipulate.

Usage examples: