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Definition of expound:

  1. To lay open the meaning of; to explain; to clear of obscurity; to interpret; as, to expound a text of Scripture, a law, a word, a meaning, or a riddle.
  2. To lay open; to expose to view; to examine.


plump out, present, start out, clarify, spread out, depart, part, set off, fill out, enucleate, explicate, distend, fatten out, fatten up, construe, dilate, expatiate, flourish, set forth, set out, take off, interpret, fatten, expand, exposit, rarify, express, lucubrate, describe, magnify, amplify, extend, elucidate, work out, decipher, flesh out, delineate, round, enucleate, inflate, fat, boom, refine, start, thrive, enlarge, elaborate, spell out, complicate, plump, put into plain English, blow up.

Usage examples: