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Definition of expunge:

  1. To blot out, as with pen; to rub out; to efface designedly; to obliterate; to strike out wholly; as, to expunge words, lines, or sentences.
  2. To strike out; to wipe out or destroy; to annihilate; as, to expugne an offense.


chance upon, assume, remove, shine, come upon, hit, light upon, scratch out, scrape up, fall, take up, excise, vacate, chafe, affect, blot out, make void, rescind, cross off _or_ out, discover, rub off _or_ out, come to, engrave, efface, walk out, mint, impinge on, move, inscribe, scratch, impress, attain, continue, rub, scratch up, nullify, discharge, quash, collide with, strickle, come across, scrape, fret, chance on, happen upon, itch, abolish, repeal, come up, study at erase, fray, strike, fall upon, call off, revoke, undo, grave, take, coin, scrub, abrogate, run into.

Usage examples: