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Definition of Exsert:

  1. Alt. of Exserted
  2. To thrust out; to protrude; as, some worms are said to exsert the proboscis.


hold up, gallop, anaesthetize, last, lead, gesture, expand, live on, stand firm, publish, incommode, live, broaden, anesthetize, stretch out, trouble, unfold, extend, motion, put out, go, reach out, crane, smother, offer, widen, hold out, resist, endure, douse, continue, retire, protract, withstand, bother, strain, disoblige, bring out, anesthetise, release, discommode, run, wear, survive, inconvenience, issue, stretch forth, draw out, cover, carry, anaesthetise, poke out, pass, gesticulate, stretch, prolong, put under.