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Definition of extent:

  1. A peculiar species of execution upon debts due to the crown, under which the lands and goods of the debtor may be seized to secure payment.
  2. A process of execution by which the lands and goods of a debtor are valued and delivered to the creditor.
  3. Degree; measure; proportion.
  4. Extended.
  5. Space or degree to which a thing is extended; hence, superficies; compass; bulk; size; length; as, an extent of country or of line; extent of information or of charity.


finis, extension, conclusion, fulfilment, swing, cessation, spread, design, issue, limit, sweep, finish, accomplishment, realm, termination, effect, utmost, completion, close, period, consummation, big, boundary, terminus, orbit, result, finale, sphere, consequence, tip, compass, intent, bound, goal, point, purview, end, purpose, uttermost, place, expiration, expansion, extremity, achievement, ambit, outcome, distance.

Usage examples: