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Definition of extirpate:

  1. To pluck up by the stem or root; to root out; to eradicate, literally or figuratively; to destroy wholly; as, to extirpate weeds; to extirpate a tumor; to extirpate a sect; to extirpate error or heresy.


revoke, carry off, prohibit, set aside, repeal, liquidate, erase, annul, put an end to, kill, reverse, rub out, make, clear, terminate, end, exterminate, make an end of, snuff out, abate, kill off, wipe out, stamp out, blot out, root out, subvert, suppress, extinguish, deracinate, obliterate, nullify, study at exterminate, help, do away with, eradicate, abrogate, supplant, uproot, overthrow.

Usage examples: