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Definition of extravagance:

  1. A wandering beyond proper limits; an excursion or sally from the usual way, course, or limit.
  2. The state of being extravagant, wild, or prodigal beyond bounds of propriety or duty; want of moderation; excess; especially, undue expenditure of money; vaid and superfluous expense; prodigality; as, extravagance of anger, love, expression, imagination, demands.


transport, diversity, prodigality, devotion, superfluity, inspiration, luxury, superfluousness, rapture, decadence, looseness, sumptuousness, passion, eagerness, embarrassment, zeal, intensity, highlife, epicurean, profligacy, excitement, ecstasy, variation, licentiousness, distinction, earnestness, profusion, a world of difference, surfeit, dissolution, waste, extravagantness, dissipation, careful, fanaticism, fervency, frenzy, improvidence, variety, excessive expenditure, divergence, high life, fervor, difference, save, waste, extravagancy, lavishness, sumptuosity, self-indulgence, squander, warmth, frill, fun-loving, contradiction, vehemence, for fun, weakness, rip-off, contrast, ardor, enthusiasm, collision, overindulge, plethora, exclusiveness, sybaritic.

Usage examples: