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Definition of extravagant:

  1. Certain constitutions or decretal epistles, not at first included with others, but subsequently made a part of the canon law.
  2. Exceeding due bounds; wild; excessive; unrestrained; as, extravagant acts, wishes, praise, abuse.
  3. One who is confined to no general rule.
  4. Profuse in expenditure; prodigal; wasteful; as, an extravagant man.
  5. Wandering beyond one's bounds; roving; hence, foreign.


pricey, debauched, fantastic, unmerciful, fancy, unconscionable, dissolute, showy, high-spirited, serious, wasteful, profligate, sumptuous, high-rolling, exaggerated, spendy, intolerable, towering, luxurious, valuable, high, undue, awful, big, high-class, rigorous, fast, ultraexpensive, degraded, absurd, plethoric, baroque, insane, stiff, wild, unthrifty, grave, libertine, save, acute, degenerate, exuberant, improvident, excessive, desperate, overweening, overmuch, severe, high-ticket, big-ticket, unrestrained, select, steep, precious, excess, dire, prodigal, high-end, ebullient, flamboyant, overextravagant, waster, devilish, riotous, squandering, careful, exclusive, dissipated, inordinate, uppity, overdue, luxuriant, profound, extreme, lush, extreme, ornate, spendthrift.

Usage examples: